“Shimaguni” is made of two Japanese words: shima, “island” and guni, “nation.” Japan and Hawaii are two islands that have both had a profound influence on me and which I have a great affinity for. Playfully dressed like ukiyoe Japanese woodblock print art, these paintings dance in two cultures and hold a joy and sense of appreciation that anyone can be a part of.

February 2021-ongoing

EQ and Energy” is a blog series that explores the deepening emotional intelligence that we are experiencing currently on the planet. In addition to feeling energy in motion, can we really learn to “read” it? I have, and I share this amazing, magical journey little by little in each post. Take a dive with me into the ABCs of Energy and EQ!


“Colors of Aloha” is my first watercolor collection. The colors of plants and florals in Hawaii can make your heart skip a beat and whisper things that hug you and heal you. Very magical things happened from start to finish as I met each flower and expressed each meeting with water and pigment.

December 31, 2020

“A Wise Man’s Tale” is a short story resembling a parable that came through this December as I felt guided to match the stillness of a tree while in meditation. There are many words that point to the same idea: sit very still and don’t grasp at anything or fall into thinking. Let yourself just be. When you sink into stillness, what do you find?

“A Wise Man’s Tale” is featured in my blog here


“ROAMoChan” is what I call my travel adventure series of writings and illustrations. Although you could argue that most of the adventure is really happening inside after reading any of my ROAMoChan blog posts. Just go to my blog page and click on ROAMoChan category in the side bar. Below is a video from the watercolor sketchbook I take on all my trips.

March 8, 2020

Happy International Women’s Day! Check out “Rise,” a 10 frame story empathizing with the struggle many women share to empower themselves.

“Rise” can be found on my Instagram account here

May 22, 2019

Who is breathwork for? Like cars, handbags, dancing, and karaoke, breathwork is simply a tool that can help influence your mental, emotional, and physical state. After reading about the effects that yawning has on our bodily systems, I became more interested in the idea of conscious breathwork. That’s when I stumbled upon the 4,7,8 technique and then felt inspired to illustrate it.

This artwork was featured in my blog post titled, “The Mind’s Home.”

November 15, 2018

Click here to view Mindful Mermaid

Click here to read about the ugly dog that inspired Omm the statue.

December 27, 2018

“Boris the Boar at New Years” is a set of 16 New Years-themed stickers for the LINE app available  to LINE users in Japan only starting from December 27th as part of a year end promotion. Boris was born on an airplane! Read more about his arrival into this world here.

December 21, 2018

If Souls Could Talk: The Gift Exchange

If souls could talk, what would they say? The Gift Exchange is the first book of this visual narrative series now available on Amazon Kindle. It follows the experience of Suki, a girl whose inner gift has matured. But what a bizarre gift it is! How can she make any sense of it? Maybe some people’s gifts just aren’t very useful after all. 

Initially written to inspire Mo-Chan’s younger sister, this highly meaningful story carries a very clear message for all wandering souls still in possession of unrealized gifts.

Click here to view The Gift Exchange

Click here to read the special and sudden unfolding of this story.

July 2018

Memories of home get stored as fragments in the mind’s visual compartments. Here I’ve illustrated some of my own and paired them with words that magically appear like guidance as I paint.

May 2018

Whether we acknowledge the philosopher in us or not, we all have personal truths and philosophies that guide us in life. When we set out to do anything, there are unspoken messages that ooze out from our actions and interactions with others. These are some of Mo-Chan’s (working) philosophies playfully illustrated! View on my Instagram account here, or go to my blog and click on the category, “Philosophy on Life.”