Baby Whale

In August of 2022, a big surge of energy rose in me and I responded by grabbing my paints and letting it come through with water and pigment. I titled it, “Breakthrough” as that was the quality of the energy. It felt much like a geyser and I saw it as an electric blue–extremely creative in nature. Then, fast forward a year this energy surged again within. I tapped into a voice that spoke on behalf of people’s shared pain–the kind that comes about naturally in a world with its own level of ‘collective maturity.’

As the poem lines came through, I saw imagery, too.

The tip of my iceberg 

Is all that can be seen

These lines came through with the image of a whale’s dorsal fin gliding between worlds—the ocean and above. It was a beautiful metaphor for our pain we carry with us from not being entirely seen. How can we feel whole when only part of us is ever seen and acknowledged? One definition of healing is, “to make whole.” I no longer believe that any of us are not already whole, I see that we are just incredibly invalidated—some even more so than others, yet it’s a pain we all share.

In an era where we hear phrases like, “self care,” “speak your truth,” and “be your authentic self,” I see it as a sign that we are working through some of the big collective growth pains. In order to heal, we have to find and acknowledge the pain. One intense cause of invalidation of the masses, is the pressure to conform to preconceived ideals and rules that don’t bend.

Through this poem, I was exposed to a new paradigm.. one that is becoming more and more accessible to us than ever before. It’s one where being right is not forefront and center. Instead, forgiveness is the go-to lens.

How quickly can you forgive yourself?

How quickly can you shift from ‘mistake’ to ‘experience’ ? And see the lesson?

Where healing our relationship with our Self naturally heals our ability to relate to others. When we can have that breakthrough, the whole world and how we perceive it shifts.

Like a baby whale that has yet to take its first breath, we are squirming underwater sensing our perceptions are limited and feeling the cold. We are of the sea, yet warm blood courses through us and with that, a different more expansive intelligence. We get to live in more than one world, so don’t be confined by all there is right now. When we do that, we limit ourselves to only owning that dorsal fin and not realizing the potential of being a whole whale <3

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